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All canteens in NSW public schools must meet certain requirements. These include providing more healthy food and drink options – to make the healthy choice an easy choice for students. Visit Healthy school canteens to learn more.


To register for online ordering click here


How Parents can order online

  • Visit the website for a quick and cashless way to order, FlexiSchools App is available for Apple & Android
  • Orders can be placed for days or weeks in advance. Just cancel in App or by phone/SMS 0405 219 242 before 10:30am for a full refund.
  • Order must be placed by 9am for the full menu, a reduced menu is available until10:30am. The system will not allow orders to be placed for same day supply after 10:30am
  • Please select the appropriate  "Allergy Alert' if your child has been medically diagnosed
  • Students participating in Friday PSSA Sports should select PSSA when ordering of a Friday

How Students can Order at school

  • There is a table under the canteen awning where pens and lunch bags are kept from 8:30am - 9am
  • The students must clearly  write their name and class at the top and if the order is for Recess or Lunch
  • Students need to clearly write the item they wish to order
  • Students with diagnosed  food allergy should clearly and in capitals write the ALLERGY type on the top of the bag. It is encouraged that these students/ parents order online as parents are more likely to record this.
  • Place money inside the bag and fold the top
  • The bag needs to be given to the ladies in the canteen or placed in the "Drop Box" on the counter. Orders left in the box needing change will have this taped to the outside of the bag.

General Information

  • Recess Orders are collected directly from the canteen using the 'Express line'. Please ensure your child is aware of the order and knows where to go
  • Most lunch orders are delivered to the child's classroom. If you have ordered Noodles, Ice blocks or Jelly your child will need to go to the canteen for this using the 'Express line' for collection with their lunch order bag
  • If a child presents a $50 note the school will call the parents to confirm it can be used
  • Please send smaller notes or correct change where possible as there is limited change kept onsite
  • There is no EFT options to pay onsite
  • If you have ordered online and your child doesn't attend school or is going home sick or early, please inform the school office they have a lunch order or call Canteen Head Office 0405 219 242 If informed before 10:30, the order can be refunded. If notified after 10:30am the Canteen will have started preparing food and will try to resell the items, if successful supply a full refund.  Orders are unable to be held until the next day your child is at school.
  • Only Australian currency will be accepted
  • The canteen reserves the right to refuse service to students being disrespectful or rude.
  • For all canteen enquires please contact Healthy Canteens Office 0405 219 242 as our onsite staff are busy preparing meals, our office staff can assist you and communicate with the Canteen as needed.

Thank you for supporting Healthy Canteens in supplying your child this Canteen service.


Food with special collection instructions

Please let your children know that Noodle Cups, Frozen Treats, Jelly and Hot Chocolate are to be collected directly from the canteen at eating time. The lunch order bag will be placed in the class basket with any other items they have ordered. Students take this bag to the canteen to exchange for the item needing collection. 



If your child plays winter PSSA students leave the school at 12:15pm. Any child with a lunch order needs to attend the canteen when the PSSA bell rings at 12pm.

Any lunch order not collected, will be taken to the office and held until the end of the day.